The project Will of Wall was born in response to the phenomena of “contamination” of buildings and monuments, with the aim of raising awareness among young artists to the art of writing and the wall panting studying and creating the urban fabric of the spaces to vent creativity !

WoW is mainly divided into two parts, the nature trail and the ‘ final event : the course includes real courses on street art and its social impact , with lessons both theoretical (the history of graffiti, why graffiti, from birth to the present day) and practical (working techniques, materials and study of colors …)

At the end of the path didatticosi held the final event, where students of the course will deal directly with internationally renowned artists specially invited, and It will be an opportunity to paint them all together in a two-day celebration and culture. Everything will be enriched by the contest break dance , music concerts rap and will be planned ramps for skateboarding, everything revolves around the world hip-hop .

A brief will be announced the names of the artists, the location, days of the event and the line-up of concerts, DJ’s and dancers present.